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Update: Work Share Programs

Two women sharing work

Workshare programs benefit businesses, workers and states. Businesses retain their trained workforce, for easy recall to full-time work when economic conditions improve and workers keep their jobs instead of being laid off. During the 2013 legislative session, 10 states introduced legislation establishing work share programs and 12 states considered work sharing amendments.  NCSL provides a variety of resources, including bill summaries. More

Dateline Washington

Policy Directive Deadline for 2013 Legislative Summit
Policy directives and resolutions for consideration at the Legislative Summit must be submitted to the directors of the D.C. office by July 16. More

Marketplace Fairness Act Passes in U.S.

NCSL thanks the bipartisan coalition of senators
who voted for the bill. Next step, U.S. House
of Representatives. More

NCSL amicus brief persuasive in
Supreme Court ruling upholding
Maryland law on police taking
suspects’ DNA

How the ruling impacts states.

June  2013 State Legislatures cover Washington Representative Judy Clibborn (D)


"As a legislator and practicing pharmacist, I know that Virginia has an active pharmacy inspection program and has required compounding pharmacies to comply with USP standards for years."
—Delegate Chris Jones (R), Virginia

2013 Legislative Summit: Professional Development
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